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Well, to let everyone know i’m not dead, just extremely busy with my last year as a Masters’ student (eight more months!!!), I wanted to give a little update on what’s going on.

So yes… Masters’ thesis is taking up most of my time, as is teaching and doing another class. Therefore, I have not been able to get going a few things I was hoping to do (i.e. my comics). I HAVE been doing some art, and I’m going to start sharing some of it for some feedback from y’all. :)

To get to the point, instead of losing any more of my mind than I have to, I have decided to take time off, and start my comics about next August because that would give me the summer after I graduate to actually catch up and get a really high-paced update schedule so I can get my “Sorcerer-Thief” comic completed in a few years (it’s… kinda a long story to tell, so it needs lots of pages!).  And it will be practice for eventually and hopefully selling comics… we will see. 

Meanwhile! I have decided I am going to reinvent my art. I’ve messed around many times trying this style or that style because I like them, but what I’ve come to notice is I just really prefer doing the stylized art styles. So I will still love looking at everyone’s art and all their great achievements, but I’m going to develop “my style” by focusing on a stylized way of doing figures. I’ve been reworking another comic’s set of characters as practice, and I’m becoming very happy with how that style is coming out thus far. It mixes the elements of the various styles I’ve done into something stylized, but not “cartoony.” As you will notice, there's a new folder that holds all the art of 2014 up to now, so that there's a distinction between what was in an older style compared to my redesign. 

In addition, i’m going to spend this time off working on my backgrounds (yes, the backgrounds are also going to be stylized… this is probably gonna be the hardest part…), dynamic poses and comic/action formats, better effects, and so on. By the time next summer comes and it’s time for me to get comics made for an August release, I hope to have my style rather more professional and settled so I can make great looking, consistent pages (if you EVER saw my old “Sacred Stones” comic or ever talk me into showing it, you’d be able to tell when I would do a series of pages because the style would change dramatically… :facepalm: ). So consistency for a comic to me is key. 

So! Overall, haven’t died (yet) and I’m still doing arts, but it’s just taking me longer to do anything because so much of my time is devoted to school right now. I’ll probably be posting in-progress style changes as I move forward to refining that style of mine, so any feedback is great. :)

Have a great day y’all! :dance:

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As a self-taught artist since I was little, who picked a more academically rigorous rather than artistic path in college, I pride myself on always trying to do better and get more varied in what I create rather than the level I'm currently at. By no means am I a professional, although I do hope someday to be.

Most of my work has to do with a story, or a comic, or characters I've been developing. I aspire to put emotion into my pictures and to have my audience feel that emotion, and to always improve my skills. More of my "sketchier" stuff I will post also on my Tumblr rather than here, as I would like this gallery to stay a little more professional.

At the moment, I do not take commissions, although I hope to in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line! :)

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